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Quickly find the ITL manufacturer number when referencing from space and depth values

Space and Depth Reference Values

Opens PDF.

Download Code Entry Form. Users of ITL code machines can create and store custom IDs for their regular and ongoing use. For reference, they are also advised to complete and print this Code Entry Form each time

Opens Word Form. Use the TAB or Arrow keys to move between sections which need to be completed.

Send, store and print master keying information to and from your laptop or PC. For units without printer or serial ports

Save zip file to your local drive first, then follow ReadMe file instructions.

Troubleshoot connection issues with your machine and PC/laptop

Download test utility program

Compatible with desktop PCs using MSDOS and Windows 95/98/ME Operating Systems.

View ITL 950C video online
Visual reference for changing the cutter, calibrating your unit, creating customized sets of depths and spaces...etc.

Click to open ITL950C video

Opens in Windows Media Player. Optimized for ISDN high-speed and above.To be mailed a complimentary CD version, click here.


Don't have Windows Media Player? Get it free from Microsoft's download center.

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