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What locks can the ITL 2000 Safe Dialer open?

The ITL 2000 has reversible jaws that grip most dials (up to 2 3/4" in diameter).
A separate set of jaws can be ordered to accommodate larger dials (up to 3 1/4" in diameter).

The ITL 2000 will open any safe that incorporates a combination lock that has a lever arm with a lever nose that rides on the drive cam that pulls back the lock bolt when the wheel pack gates are lined up e.g. the S&G 6720-30, Lagard LAG 1777, ILCO ILS 673LKS. (Please refer to the diagram on the right.)

Please note that the safe in question must have a properly working combination lock.

The ITL 2000 will not work on any manipulation proof locks (such as the S&G 8400 or 8500 series MP locks) or any safe where the handle pushes the bolts into a gate in the combination wheels such as most Sentry safes.

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