ITL 2000 Safe Dialer

ITL 2000 Safe Dialer

Comes with compact carrying case
- Dimensions:18" x 13.5" x 5.5" (LxWxH)
- Weighs approximately 15lbs
- Can be set to run on 110 or 220 AC
1 year warranty on parts and labor

Optional Extras
-AJaw set for larger dials »
Adjustable mount plate kit »
Replacement parts »


Intralock Tools Locksmithing Solutions

Quick and Easy Set up. Only 15 minutes needed


No supervision required. Once in place, it runs until safe lock opens.


Average opening time is 6 hours


Non-invasive. Safes remain intact and costly repairs are avoided


4 dialing speeds for loose wheels

Wheels can be dialed:

  • to every possible safe lock combination
  • through a specific range of numbers
Dialer mount attached by strong rare earth magnets


Reversible jaws grip most dials
What locks does the ITL Safe Dialer open?»



Available only to:

- Licensed, Bonded and Certified Security Professionals

- Law Enforcement Personnel