Intralock Tools Ltd (ITL) has been serving the locksmithing industry for over two decades.

Our company started when Gordon Parr and James Brooks, driven by a fervent enthusiasm for mechanical design and emerging technologies, developed the ITL 9000 - the original computerized key-code machine. With this advent, locksmiths no longer had to repeatedly input codes or to cut keys manually.

At that time, Gordon was a well-established locksmith with over 26 years in the industry.


A continuing history of innovation.
Despite the success of the ITL 9000, the innovation did not stop there. ITL continued to build ever more practical machines, adding enhanced features to existing models, and even developing radically new ones. For example, as the technology of the ITL 9000 proved itself, its design was reworked to provide the superior rigidity and repeatable accuracy necessary for heavy-duty use. The result was the ITL 9700. Today, the ITL 9700 is found in many educational, government and correctional institutions throughout North America - where security and reliability are of top concern.

Only a few years after the arrival of the ITL 9000, we conceptualized a solution that was totally different, yet again - the ITL 2000 Safe Dialer. Locksmiths now had at their disposal a computerized device which finds a safe’s combination code and enables entry without drilling or causing damage to customers’ safes. The ITL 2000 continues to be unique, even by today’s standards, and is a solid leader in its field.


Timeline of Innovation
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As we celebrated our first decade, we built the ITL 950 to allow locksmiths to cut keys "on-the-go". This lightweight and compact unit was designed specifically for installation in locksmith vans. While the ITL 950 remains very popular, we realized many professionals regularly cut car keys, so we created a version pre-loaded with codes from the major automotive manufacturers - the ITL 950C.


History is repeating itself once more. At ALOA 2009, Las Vegas, the ITL MMX was unveiled. Priced for the times, this mobile unit is packed with convenient features expected from ITL machines and more, at a fraction of the expected price.


While James Brooks has since left ITL, Gordon Parr remains and is still very active in devising practical solutions for the locksmithing community. Our company is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide relevant solutions for today's security professionals.This philosophy is shared from our engineers, who ensure quality and precision, to our technical support team who serve customers long after a machine has been purchased.