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ITL Newsroom

Our RSS newsroom was launched to allow customers, partners and other security professionals to access our latest news as it happens via RSS.

We felt it vital that since we are continually refining our machines, creating software upgrades and/or conceiving new models to suit new applications, you should be first to know of their availabilities. Also, we tour regularly throughout North America and welcome the chance to answer technical questions, show you our latest machines or to just say hello. Tradeshow and seminar announcements will, therefore, also be made via RSS.

How do I use the ITL Newsroom?
Our RSS newsroom can be viewed and bookmarked as with any regular webpage; or

If you are familiar with RSS portal/readers, just add our link ( to the portal of your choice. Every time we make an announcement, it will be fed straight to your portal/reader. Be sure to check that we're not already listed first.

Please call or email Valerie Ng at: 1-888-264-6627 for more information about RSS.